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Who we are

Members of the Corcuera-Vliegenthart Family (Anita, Elisa, and Luis)
Katalapi park is a Biological Station of Universidad de Concepcion
Main Building in the park
Suspension bridge over Tepual River

Katalapi Park Research and Education Center is a privately protected area, created in order to support scientific research regarding native forests and simultaneously teach children, youth, and adults how to love, understand, and value nature.

Katalapi Park is an initiative of the Corcuera Vliegenthart family (see pictures), who have owned the property since 1994. Since 2014, Katalapi Park is a Biological Station of Universidad de Concepción. The University has appointed Dr Alfredo Saldaña as Director of the Station.

Taking advantage of the broad academic experience of its creators and special guests, we periodically offer courses and workshops, or place at your service the ideal space and infrastructure to organize yours.

The park has 28 hectares (60 acres), located only 18.5 km from the city of Puerto Montt, in northern Patagonia. It is located near the Austral Highway, between the ocean and Alerce Andino National Park, in the area of Quillaipe. Its surroundings are dominated by native forests. The center is designed to lodge and serve up to 30 people. By also having a conference room and beautiful circuit trails, it becomes the ideal place to organize events, workshops, scientific meetings, or to visit with your special-interest tourist group.


VIDEO: What is Katalapi Park?