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Meet the team of Katalapi´s Environmental Education Trainer´s-training Workshop

The registration period for the next workshop, to be held September 4-6th, 2014, is already open. As happens every year, participants will have the opportunity to interact and learn from the following renown professionals:


Ana María Vliegenthart: Biology teacher with a Master´s in Environmental Education (U. of Michigan) and another in Curriculum and Intruction (U. of Virginia), Anita is known in the world of Environmental Education for being a brilliant facilitaror with the ability to take complex issues of theory, methodology and practice, and present them in an engaging, simplified and participatory way. She is also known for her work creating practical support resources for educators, including texts such as “El Libro Verde de los Niños”, “Ecolíderes”, and “Atina con los Residuos”, amongst others. Her experience includes working in schools, in the EULA Center of the University of Concepción, and the Universidad de la Frontera, but she is now fully dedicated to Katalapi Park, as its Head of Education.


Rod Walker: Master´s in Environmental Education, Rod is an Englishman who moved to Chile as a Young man and here built an extraordinary career. He was named an Ashoka fellow in 1997, a recognition to his work as a social innovator in environmental education. Founder of the Centro de Educación Ambiental al Aire Libre (CEAL), he hosted experiences in nature with an ethical and spiritual bent that  marked generations of young people from Santiago´s British schools and the Andrés Bello University.  After moving to the south of Chile, he founded Tocatierra ( He collaborates with Parque Katalapi since 2009.


Ursula Fernández: Biologist and Environmental Educator from Spain, she specializes in the EEPE methodology (Enseñanza de la Ecología en el Patio de la Escuela). She has tought Environmental Education and the  Universidad Austral de Valdivia and Universidad de la Frontera de Temuco. She is a founding member and General Manager of the “La Manzana” Valdivian Responsible Consumer Cooperative , and she has a personal interest in introducing into environmental education the ethical repercussions of our everyday consumer decisions. She collaborates with  Parque Katalapi since 2009.


The course is in Spanish. Some assistance could be provided to English speaking participants.




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