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Teaching Resources


Katalapi Productions is Katalapi Park´s associated business, specializing in the production of audiovisual material for Environmental Education for the general public, and specific supporting material for the Ecotourism and Environmental Education events that take place at the park.


Currently, the following projects are being implemented:

1. Creation of educational material about “Temperate Rainforest Treasures”. As a product of a consultancy done for the GEF Evergreen Project, implemented by CONAMA Region X, material currently under construction includes a videodocumentary, species cards, reading comprehension texts, teaching guides, and interactive digital exercises, which teach the value of the temperate rainforest, and 20 of its hallmark species.

2. Production of the 2D animated 10 minute movie called “Yekal, a Huemul´s Voyage”. It narrates the story of a huemul deer called Yekal, who decides to leave his dwindling herd in Nevados de Chillán, where it is condemned to become extint, and the adventures he lives on his way down to the southern tip of South America in search of a girlfriend. This project is supported by the National Council of the Arts (FONDART), Bío Bío Region. As an educational support to the movie, Katalapi Productions is developing educational packages consisting of videodocumentaries, teaching guides, and interactive exercises about the history, biology/ecology, and conservation efforts of the huemul.






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