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About us

Members of the Corcuera-Vliegenthart Family (Anita, Elisa, and Luis)
Katalapi park is a Biological Station of Universidad de Concepcion
Main Building in the park
Suspension bridge over Tepual River

The Katalapi Park Research and Education Center is a private protected area, created to support scientific research linked to the native forest and at the same time teach to love, know and value nature to children, youth, and adults. Katalapi Park is an initiative of the Corcuera Vliegenthart Family, owners and directors of the park since 1994. Since 2014, Katalapi park is also a Biological Station of the University of Concepcion- The director of the Biological Station is Dr. Alfredo Saldaña. A cooperation agreement has also been signed with University of La Frontera. Since 2017, the park is administered by the Katalapi Park Foundation.

Taking advantage of the great academic experience of its managers, collwe periodically offer courses and worshops or we offer you the ideal space to organize yours. The park has 28 hectares, located only 18.5 km from Puerto Montt, along the Carretera Austral, between the sea and the Alerce Andino National Park, Cordillera de Quillaipe sector. Around it, the natural forested landscape predominate.

The center is designed to receive, serve, and accomodate groups of up to 30 people. Having a conference room and trails through natural spaces, it becomes the ideal place to hold educational events, trips, retreats or "green conferences. The visits to the park are welcome, only in groups with prior reservation.


 Katalapi Park Foundation


             Phone +569 9249 0228
Contact for Environmental Education:; Phone +56983601380

The Katalapi Park Foundation was created by Elisa Corcuera in 2017 to take over the management of the Park and ensure its sustainability over time. It is a legal non-profit institution. The mission of the Katalapi Park Foundation is then to develop research and education activities that improve the understanding and attitude of people towards the environment and promote their conservation. Our vision is to become a benchmark for environmental education and conservation that can effectively influence the formulation of education, conservation and sustainable development policies.

Structure of the Foundation: The foundation has a Board of Directors in charge of fulfilling the objectives of the foundation and collaborating members of the foundation that are grouped into three sections: Environmental Education, Scientific Research, and Conservation.

Board of Directors:
President: Luis J. Corcuera
Vice President: Ana María Vliegenthart
Secretary: Samantha Sparks
Treasurer: Verónica Briceño
Director: Angela Sierra
Director: Jennifer Miller


Section of Environmental Education: Ana M. Vliegenthart (Coordinator), Jason Angress, Gloria Oyarzo, Angela Sierra, Carola Valencia, Samantha Sparks


Section of Scientific Research: Alfredo Saldaña (Coordinator, U. de Concepción), León Bravo (U. La Frontera),  Luisa Bascuñán (U. Concepción), Verónica Briceño (U. Austral de Chile), Luis Corcuera (Parque Katalapi), Alex Fajardo (CIEP), Heraldo Norambuena, Frida Piper (CIEP), Pedro Victoriano (U. Concepción), Alejandra Zúñiga (U. Austral de Chile)


Section of Conservation:  Susana Paula (Coordinator, U: Austral de Chile), Luis J. Corcuera (Parque Katalapi)


VIDEO: What is Katalapi Park?