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New graduate International course on Ecophysiology of the Rhizosphere will be offered in Katalapi Park, Chile on January January 14-20, 2019


Applications received until October 30, 2018


The traditional International Course on Plant Ecophysiology that is offered every Summer at Katalapi Park, Chile, will be centered on Ecophysiology of the Rhizosphere.  From January 14-20-2019, the course will consist of presentations and discussions on nutrition, nitrogen fixation, salt tolerance, cluster roots functioning, rhizodeposition, organic matter and soil microorganism, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), endophytes, phytoremediation, molecular plant microbe interactions.

The course is organized by Professors Alejandra Zúñiga (Universidad Austral de Chile), Alex Valentine ( Stellenboch University),  and Luisa Bascuñán (Universidad de Concepción). The invited lecturers are Ricardo Aroca (CSIC), Eduardo Blumwald (U. California-Davis), Hans Lambers (U. Western Australia), Bruce Osborn (U. College Dublin), Alex Valentine (U. Stellenboch). Pablo Cornejo, Francisco Matus (UFRO), Teodoro de la Coba (CEAZA), Bernardo González (UAI), Marcia González (USACH), Julieta Orlando (U. Chile), and Dante Pinochet (UACh).

This is an official 5 credits course of the Universidad de Concepcion Graduate School.  Those students that approve the course may receive and official certificate from the university.  It includes lectures and field activities, seminars, and the preparation of a research project. The official language of the course is English. The course registration fee is US$340 for students and US$530 for professionals.

Those interested in participating in the course must fill the application form and send it with the curriculum vitae before October 30, 2018 to Dr. Luis Corcuera ( )

Application form

Course brochure

Regitration Instructions



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