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Aerial view of Katalapi Park

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Native Flora Propagation

September7-9, 2018

Bioacoustics of Birds

October 4-6, 2018

Facilitators Outdoor Environmental Education

October 11-13, 2018

Eco-evolutionary Dynamics in Biogeography*

October 14-20, 2018

Flora of Chile for All

October 26-28, 2018

Interior and Exterior Nature Workshop

November 22-24, 2018

Natural Dyes

November 16-18, 2018



Special opportunity: Course on "Propagation of native plants of Chile" will be held for the first time in Katalapi Park

September 7-9, 2018. Open for registrations

The course of propagation of native plants will be held for the first time in Katalapi. It is a course that combines theory, dynamic sessions, and practices where you will learn to propagate our native flora. In this course you will learn what is the propagation of plants, how to propagate through seeds, how to choose seed trees, and learn the different types of vegetative propagation. You will also learn nursery and plant care techniques (see program). This course will be given by Daniel Harris-Pascal, consultant and designer of edible forests (Seed Head Design and Australian National University) and Bernardo Escobar propagator of native plants and in charge of nurseries (Universidad Austral de Chile). The course lasts 3 days from September 7 to 9, 2018. The value of the course is $ 135,000 (Chilean pesos or about US$210) and includes accommodation, meals, and materials. Registration is now open. To register you must download the registration form and send it to Daniel Harris Pascal (

Registration form
Instructions for participants

Bioacoustics of Birds: an entertaining theoretical-practical course for all

Katalapi Park 4-6 October 2018. Send your registration form soon

The Bird Bioacoustics course, which will be offered for the second time in Katalapi Park, from 4-6 October 2018, will once again be an entertaining theoretical and practical experience on one of the preferred methodologies for studying the presence and behavior of birds. The speakers of the course will be Heraldo Norambuena and Francisco Rivas of the Universidad de Concepción and ROC, respectively. During the course the vocal communication of the birds will be studied, recordings and interpretations of of bird songs and sonograms will be made. Practical activities include the nocturnal exploration of bird sounds, the use of bioacoustics equipment, analysis of bird songs, a census of nocturnal raptors, and other activities in the Katalapi forest. The course does not have the requirement of previous knowledge of Biology or Acoustics. The previous version was also enjoyed by biologists, musicians, educators and the general public. The course is in Spanish
Those interested should send their registration form to Luis Corcuera at The cost of the course is 135,000 pesos (about US$225). This fee includes food and lodging during the course. This and other information can be found in the material that can be downloaded below. Queries can be made to Luis Corcuera at the email address indicated above.


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Information for participants


2018 Courses at Katalapi Park... plan your year

 Adult training courses for 2018


During 2018 there will be numerous courses at Katalapi Park, thus widening the offer of previous years. Most course are in Spanish, such as "Interior and Exterior Nature" and "Training of Environmental Education Facilitators in the Open Air". Most other courses do not require special training. These include "Birds Bioacoustics", "Flora of Chile for Everyone", "Natural dyes", There will also be graduate level course such as Ecoevolutionary dynamics in Biogeography”.

 The courses last three days and two nights. The fee of 135,000 Chilean pesos (about US$200) includes registration, food and lodging.  The cost and registration instructions for the “Ecoevolutionary dynamics in Biogeography” course and registation instructions will be posted later.

If you require more information, please write to



2018 Course Calendar



Taller de Naturaleza Interior y Exterior

16-18 de febrero, 2018

Facilitadores Educación Ambiental al Aire Libre

5-7 de abril, 2018

Propagación de Flora Nativa

7-9 de septiembre, 2018

Bioacústica de Aves

4-6 de octubre, 2018

Facilitadores Educación Ambiental al Aire Libre

11-13 de octubre, 2018

Ecoevolutionary Dynamics in Biogeography*

14-21 de octubre, 2018

Flora de Chile para Todos

26-28 de octubre, 2018

Taller de Naturaleza Interior y Exterior

22-24 de noviembre, 2018

Tintes Naturales

16-18 de noviembre, 2018


 Video: What is Katalapi Park?


New International graduate course on Evolutionary Plant Ecophysiology will be offered in Katalapi Park, Chile on January 15-21, 2018

Application date extended until November 23 , 2017. The course includes training for using LI6800 and LI.6400XT by LI-COR specialists


The traditional graduate course on Plant Ecophysiology offered every Summer at Parque Katalapi, Región de Los Lagos, Chile, will be centered on the evolution of functional aspects in plants. On January 15-21. 2018, topics related with evolutionary ecophysiology of terrestrial plants will be presented and discussed: substrates anchorage, evolution of photoprotective mechanisms, leaves evolution, evolution of stomata regulation, and evolution of tolerance to diverse types of stress. The course is organized by Professors Jaume Flexas (Universidad de las Islas Baleares, España), Lohengrin Cavieres (Universidad de Concepción, Chile), Rafael Coopman (U. Austral de Chile), and Frida Piper (CIEP, Chile). In addition, the following invited scientists will participate in the course: Professors Marilyn Ball (Australian National University), Christian Körner (U. of Basel), Bruce Osborne (U. College Dublin), Alejandra Zuñiga (U. Austral de Chile), Angela Sierra (U. de Concepción), León A. Bravo (U.  de La Frontera), Beatriz Fernandez – Marin (U. del País Vasco), Jose Ignacio Garcia Plazaola (U. del País Vasco), and Susana Paula (U. Austral de Chile). This is an official course of the Graduate School of Universidad de Concepción. For this reason, students that get a passing grade could obtain a certificate from that university. This is a 5 credits course. The program includes lectures, field activities, seminars, and the formulation of a research project. The official language of the course is English for Professors and students. The registration cost is $210.000 Chilean pesos (1 US dollar is about 660 Chilean pesos) for students and $390.000 Chilean pesos for professionals.

Applicants must send the application form and Curriculum vitae to Carolina Hernández  ( before November 23, 2017.

Application form

Application instructions