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Katalapi offers course on “Interior and Exterior Nature: Connection Methodologies” October 20-22, 2016

Motivated by the testimonials and comments of people who have already participated in the Workshop for Facilitators of Outdoor Environmental Education, we have designed this new course to add to our series of training workshops for environmental education.

Inmersed in the forests of Katalapi Park, we will explore strategies to provoke a positive change within ourselves, with the objective of facilitating better connections between other people and the environment. A workshop to feel like children, play share, communicate, grow and connect, exploring the methodological, emotional, and neurobiological roots of significant experiences in nature that provoke positive changes in our relationships.

The cost of the workshop is $120 thousand Chilean pesos per participant, which includes registration, all meals, and lodging in shared quarters (bunk beds- bring your own sleeping bag). The course will start on Thursday October 20th with the registration of participants between 9-11 AM and will finish after a late lunch (curanto) on the afternoon of Saturday the 22nd . To reserve your spot, download, fill, and send us your Registration Form Ficha de Inscripción. For those who register during the pre-registration period up to July 1st, it is possible to reserve a spot with DEFERRED PAYMENT. However, pay your registration before that date and take advantage of the early bird discount as detailed on the registration form. The language of the course is SPANISH.


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