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Present and future of the antarctic flora will be discussed at Katalapi

Researchers from all over Chile will meet August 3-5th, 2011

The "1st Antartic Reserach Coloqium: Present and Future of Antartic Flora" will be held August 3rd-5th, 2011 (from midday of the 3rd until midday of the 5th) at Parque Katalapi (near Puerto Montt). The goal of the coloqium is to evaluate the state of knowledge regarding antartic flora biology and biotechnology, and to project priority areas for future research and collaboration.

The Coloqium is organized by professors León Bravo (Universidad de La Frontera) and Luis Corcuera (Universidad de Concepción) and sponsored by the Chilean Antaarctic Institute (INACH).

The general issue is that the Antarctic will be specially affected by global warming. As glaciers melt and temperature rises, the introduction and spread of plants will be favored. During the coloqium, round table discussions with noted researchers will analize the hottest topics regarding research and future of Antarctic flora. The main areas of discussion will be:

  1. Present and future of Antarctic climate

  2. Current distribution and emergence of new colonization areas due to icemelt

  3. Introduced Species

  4. Lichens

  5. Mosses

  6. Cold Resistance

  7. Resistance to other types of stress

  8. Photosynthesis and Respiration

  9. Antioxidants

  10. Biochemical responses to environmental stress

  11. Interactions with microorganisms

  12. Interactions between plants

  13. MolecularBiology and Biotechnology

    There will be round table discassionsble on future research and collaboration

All interested participants must send the title of their proposed presentation and indication of its thematic area to Luis J. Corcuera ( choosing between the  listed alternatives. Information must be sent before June 15th. For general Coloqium information, contact  León Bravo (

Download call for presentations and instructions

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Parque Katalapi - Present and future of the antarctic flora will be discussed at Katalapi...

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Parque Katalapi - Present and future of the antarctic flora will be discussed at Katalapi

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