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Katalapi´s visitors can now enjoy ATMA lodge and yoga center.


ATMA Yoga Center is now linked to its direct neighbor, Katalapi Park Research and Education Center, by an internal trail that crosses both land holdings through tranquil and beautiful forested areas. The walk from our event center to ATMA buildings is a mere 8 minutes long, now allowing people who lodge at Katalapi to incorporate to their schedules yoga, relaxation, and meditation sessions in the forest, with total comfort and convenience. Yoga classes cost ChP$ 4,000 per person, and must be coordinated directly with ATMA ( ATMA Center has also recently finished building a lodge, which offers extended lodging capacity for Katalapi visitors, who can now also stay in their rustic, comfortable, charming and moderately priced facilities. Owners of both initiatives have a tradition of friendship and cooperation, both being members of the Reloncaví Route Tourism Group, an initiative which positions the Austral Highway´s first section as a tourism alternative marked by forest and ocean landscaps, and respect for nature.


"Cata in Kata", Cheers to wine tasting!

Scientists enjoying wine tasting in Katalapi

As each year in January, Parque Katalapi organized this summer a "Cata in Kata" (wine-tasting in Katalapi). This event is designed for a non-expert public with a desire to learn to appreciate national and foreign wines.

In addition to offering a depth of knowledge and interesting data regarding vitiiculture, our sommelier Hernán "Papurri" Cabrera told ethylic anecdotes which drew applause and laughs from the approximately 30 participants, which included renown foreign researchers who this year were on a stay in Katalapi Park during the date of the event. Participants extolled the quality of the samples included in the event, as well as the environment of camaraderie created.


New "Magellanic Woodpecker Trail" Inaugurated in Katalapi with University of Los Lagos Visit

Male Woodpecker
Students from Los Lagos University guided by Dr Daniel Varela

The newly finished "Magellanic Woodpecker Trail" was oficially opened on Saturday June 26th, with the visit of a group of environmental engineering students from the University of Los Lagos (ULA). The loop trail goes through
Katalapi Park´s adult forests, then runs beside the Tepual stream, before returning to the Administration area. The ULA group took approximatly 2 and a half hours to walk the full circuit.  

The  “Magellanic Woodpecker Trail” was named so due to the routine presence of a Campephilus magellanicus (magellanic woodpecker) pair, which were seen almost every morning by the trail construction crew formed by Ricardo Hernández y Alejandro Martínez.  The magellanic woodpecker is a species endemic to the temperate rainforest, the largest woodpecker in the world, and as such, it is considered a great attraction for birdwatchers.  Magellanic woodpeckers usually follow a daily routine, in which they visit different habitual feeding spots. It is assumed that the woodpeckers used to visiting Katalapi Park come down from the Quillaipe Range, attracted by old trees within which they find their food: wood insect larvae.

The ULA group did not have the privilege of sighting the woodpeckers, however, they did use Katalapi field guides (trees, ferns, lichens, and bushes)  to enrich their biodiversity learning experience (picture: students display their field guides).


Katalapi thanks collaborators and friends


Following what is now a tradition, Katalapi Park thanked collaborators and friends on February 13 and 14 to  the so called "Katalapi Folks Festival". Attendants enjoyed a curanto con chochoca, a barbecued lamb with typical folks music. The canopy of the park was used by children and their parents alike.