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Spanish Forest Ecophysiologists decide to continue with The Spring Colloquium next year

Attendants to the I Spring Colloquium on Forest Ecophysiology
Spanish forest ecophysiologists decide unanimously to continue with the Spring Colloquium next year

Spanish forest ecophysiologists met in Espejo (Alava, Basque Country) in the I Spring Colloqium on Forest Ecophysiology. This Colloquium was designed according to the model of The Katalapi Summer Colloquia, which have been held at Parque Katalapi (Región de los Lagos, Chile) for the last 6 years.  More than 60 researcher and students from Spanish universities and research institutes attended the event. Dr Luis J Corcuera, Reserach Director of Parque Katalapi also attended the meeting. The Colloquium was organized by Dr José Ignacio García-Plazaola (Universidad del País Vasco) and Dr Jaume Flexas (Universidad de las Islas Baleares). The importance of this meeting is that this is the first time that Spanish forest ecophysiologists meet by themselvesin Spain. The spirit and enthusiasm of the participants was similar to that found during the Colloquia at Parque Katalapi. At the end of the colloquium the attendants voted unanimously to continue with the colloquium next year at a place to be defined. Meanwhile, the date for the next Katalapi Summer Colloquiummon Plant Ecophysiology has been set for 20-22 de Enero de 2012  at Parque Katalapi, Región de Los Lagos, Chile.

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