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New Plant Ecophysiology International Course in Chile

Parque Katalapi, Región de Los Lagos, Chile,  January 6-14, 2016


A new international, graduate level course on “Plant Ecophysiology in a Warmer and Drier World” will be offered from January 6-16, 2016 at the Biological Station Parque Katalapi of Universidad de Concepción. This course is organized by Drs. Lohengrin Cavieres (Universidad de Concepción, IEB, Chile), Luis J. Corcuera (Universidad de Concepción, Chile), León A. Bravo (Universidad de La Frontera, Chile), and Hans Lambers (University of Western Australia). The sutudent that aprove the course could receive an official certificate from Universidad de Concepción or Universidad de La Frontera. The general topic of the course refers to how plants may be affected in its physiology and performance by climate changes. There will be great emphasis on plant stress physiology. The course includes lectures, seminars, and presentation of research projects. These activities will be performed or supervised by invited scientis as: Rajeev Arora (Iowa State University, USA), Marilyn Ball (Australian National University, Australia), Rob Brooker (James Hutton Institute, UK), Nicolás Franck (Universidad de Chile), Jorge Gago (U. Islas Baleares), Ragan Callaway (U. Montana), Leopoldo García Sancho (U. Complutense de Madrid, Spain), Brad Butterfield (Northern Arizona University), Chris Lortie (York University, Canada), Richard Michalet (Université d’Bordeaux, France) Bruce Osborne (University College Dublin, Ireland); Frida Piper (CIEP, Chile), Francisco Pugnaire (EEZA-CSIC, Spain), Maisa Rojas (Universidad de Chile), Angela Sierra (Universidad de Concepción) y Mercedes Vivas (Universidad de Concepción). To apply for the course, it is required to send the curriculum vitae and the dully filled application form before October 1, 2015.


The course brochure and the application form can be downloaded from this web page. For more information please contac a Prof. Luis J. Corcuera at or visit the web page; Telefono:56-41-2203586 o al celular 56-9-92490229


Course Brochure

Application form

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