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VI Summer Colloquium on Plant Ecophysiology will take place in January 2011 in Katalapi

The VI Summer Colloquium on Plant Ecophysiology will take place in Kastalapi Park from January 15-17 2011. Invited researchers are Prof. Ülo Niinemets (Estonia), Jaume Flexas (Spain), Miquel Ribas.Carbó (Spain), Jeroni Galmés (Spain) Juan Ignacio García Plazaola (Spain) y Hans Lambers (Australia). The program will consist of Plenary Conferences and short communications. Those interested in participating please write to Dr Luis Corcuera ( ). Instructions and general program can be downloaded below

Download Instructions and general program




Outdoor Environmental Education Workshop will become Anual Event

Due to the success and demand observed for the Outdoor Environmental Education Course held from October 30-November 1 in Katalapi Park, Ana María Vliegenthart, Education Manager, assured that the event would be repeated anually. "People came all the way from Concepción to Chiloé", said Ana María, "participants made very positive evaluations of the event, and in addition, many people and institutions asked us if we would repeat it next year, for this would give them time to incorporate the course into their planning".

The course will be repeated during the second semester of 2011, and will again be open to the general adult public interested in learning theories, methods, games, and approaches helpful in developing their own Outdoor Environmental Education programs.



Elisa Corcuera

More than 70 representative of private and indigenous conservation initiatives, foundations, businesses, NGO´s and supporters in general, met in Valdivia last Friday October 22nd, in a two day event, during which one of the main results was the legal creation of a new Assocation called "Así Conserva Chile".

The new board is formed by Elisa Corcuera V. (President - Parque Katalapi), Javier Ancapan (Vicepresident-Asociación de Parques Indígenas Mapu Lahual), Mauricio Moreno (Finance Manager-Reserva Oasis La Campana), Alexandra Petermann (Public Relations Manager-Reserva Biológica Huilo Huilo) and Mariela Nuñez (Secretary- Estación Senda Darwin).

Amongst the main tasks delegated upon them by the general assembly were creating stronger exchange opportunities amongst its members, the creation of conservation and management standards, helping its members to achieve these standards, and establishing a strong presence at a national political level, especially regarding the current discussion of the draft legislative bill that creates the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Service.


General Program for the I Colloquium on Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles is now available

The Ist Colloquium on Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles will be held in Parque Katalapi on December 8-10, 2010. The program includes an interesting mixture of lectures, round table discussions, and short scientific communications. The opening lecture will be delivered by Dr Carmen Ubeda (Argentina). Among the round table discussions are those coordinated by Professors Juan Carlos Ortiz and Alberto Veloso on  "Present siituation of conservation of herpetozoans in Chile" and " and "Visions and contributions of different areas of science to conservation in Chile", respectively. Pablo Espejo and Eduardo Soto will present their work on " Decline of Amphibians and Reptiles: causes and remedial strategies for conservation". Details of these and other interesting activities can be downloaded from CIRCULAR N°2 (see below). For more informatio, contact  Marcela Vidal and Helen Díaz at the following address:

Download CIRCULAR N°2



International Course on Forest Ecophysiology in Katalapi

An International Course on Forest Ecophysiology will be offered in Parque Katalapi from January 6-14th.This course is aimed at graduate students, professionals of the forestry sector, and advanced undergraduates. One of the outstanding aspects of the course is the high quality of the invited lecturers, which are world leaders in their respective areas. The lecturers are Jaume Flexas, Hans Lambers, Ulo Niinemets, Miquel Ribas Carbo, Jeroni Galmes, Ignacio García Plazaola, and Ingo Ensminger. The course will consist of lectures, field sessions, and seminars. Those interested in participating in the course should write to Dr Luis Corcuera to the email More information on the course program and registration fees can be found in the booklet of the course in this page.

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