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International Course on Forest Ecophysiology in Katalapi

An International Course on Forest Ecophysiology will be offered in Parque Katalapi from January 6-14th.This course is aimed at graduate students, professionals of the forestry sector, and advanced undergraduates. One of the outstanding aspects of the course is the high quality of the invited lecturers, which are world leaders in their respective areas. The lecturers are Jaume Flexas, Hans Lambers, Ulo Niinemets, Miquel Ribas Carbo, Jeroni Galmes, Ignacio García Plazaola, and Ingo Ensminger. The course will consist of lectures, field sessions, and seminars. Those interested in participating in the course should write to Dr Luis Corcuera to the email More information on the course program and registration fees can be found in the booklet of the course in this page.

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Yekal, el huemul
Anita Vliegenthart and Elisa Corcuera at the premiere

The animated short film "Yekal, the Huemul" was officially launched on Tuesday September 7th. The press, regional authorities, adults, and children gathered at the Alianza Francesa´s auditorium, in Concepción, to enjoy the story of Yekal, a young huemul deer who leaves his home in Nevados de Chillán, to travel south in search of a girlfriend, and the adventures and misadventures he lives during his travels. After opening the event with the words of Juan Eduardo King, regional president of the National Council for Culture, the executive producer of the film, Ana María Vliegenthart emphasized the value of joining entertainment and education in an innovative audiovisual format. The event continued with the showing of a documentary about conservation efforts for the huemul, prepared by Elisa Corcuera and Samuel Rubilar. Children and adults then enjoyed the 12 minutes of "Yekal, the Huemul". Educational materials prepared by Katalapi Productions as a complement to the movie project were also shown. These included interactive digital games and classroom plans. The event was closed with the showing of endearing messages written by children to adults, as spokespeople for Yekal, after having seen the film.

Produced in 2D, the film was financed by the National Council for Culture and Art´s Audiovisual Development Fund. The initiative was also backed by CONAF, CODEFF, the University of Concepcións CFRD, and the Municipal Administration of Education Departments (DAEM) of the cities of Concepción, Chiguayante, Talcahuano, and San Pedro. Schools or institutions interested in the animation,  documentary, digital games, and classroom plans can contact Ana María Vliegenthart (



Alberto Tacón - WWF; Elisa Corcuera - Parque Katalapi;Anita - Asociación Mapu Lahual;Reinhard Zimmerman - APP Valdivia AG; Luis Olivares - Parque Ahuenco;Gonzalo Pineda - Proyecto GEF-SIRAP;Oscar Sánchez - Masisa;Alexandra Petermann - Reserva Huilo Huilo;Paty Naguil - Comunidades Indígenas Cordillera Costa;José Arenas - Altos de Cutipay

Valdivia, August 19th, 2010.- A new player will come to the table in the discussions currently taking place regarding Chilean environmental institutions and the creation of a new Biodiversity and Parks Service.
The new union (Asociación Gremial) will represent the interests of the founders and leaders of Chile´s Privately Protected Areas (PPAs). Its creation was agreed upon during the last meeting of the National Committee for Association of PPAs, which held its meeting recently in Katalapi Park (Puerto Montt). The meeting was attended by representatives of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, Ahuenco Park, Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, Indigenous Communities of the Coastal Range, MASISA lumber company, APP Valdivia AG, Altos de Cutipay, and Katalapi Park.
The agreement calls for the creation of a national level association, which will hold amongst its main objetives: representing the interests  of the union at a public policy level, promoting quality standards in the management of PPAs, maintaining communication tools for members, offering training and exchange opportunities, working for the social valuation of environmental services offered by private parks, as well as their important contribution to economic and sustainable development, and other actions relevant to its members. It was also considered urgent to face political topics currently on the table, such as the creation of a National Service for Biodiversity and Parks, the creation of a conservation right, and economic incentives for conservation.
In order to implement this agreement, participants have adopted a detailed work plan, and have legal support in order to write up the future association´s statutes. It is expected to legally constitute the organization sometime during the month of October, with the participation of a larger, nationally representative group.

The National Committee for the Association of Privately Protected Areas was created to represent private conservation initiatives of the Lagos and Ríos Regions which were present at the June meeting of PPAs, held at Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, organized by de Regional Project for Protected Areas (GEF-SIRAP) and WWF Chile, which have supported association efforts by PPAs. The Huilo Huilo meeting brought together representatives from many of the country´s most visible private conservation projects, including Pumalin Park, Tantauco Park, Senda Darwin, Huinay Foundation, Mapu Lahual Indigenous Reserve Network, Llancahue protected area, Futangue Park, Cliffs at Parga, Copa Park, amongst others.




From October 30th  to November 1st  2010 an Outdoor Environmental Education (OEE) workshop will take place at Katalapi park. The course, aimed at a general public interested in OEE, both for schools and also informal settings, will combine theoretical presentations on methodologies and approaches, with fun application activities on the ground, making good use of Katalapi Park´s beautiful natural setting.

Main speakers will be Ana María Vliegenthart and Rod Walker. Ana María Vliegenthart (Master´s of  Environmental Education, Master´s in Curriculum and Instruction, and Katalapi Park´s  Head of Environmenta Education, has vast experience as a teacher and teacher trainer,  and is the author of numerous books, articles, and environmental education support materials. Rod Walker is the founder of the Outdoor Education Center (CEAL) and Tocatierra (Earthrouch), and was named as an Ashoka fellow in 1997 due to his outstanding experience as a social innovator.

The program (download attached file for details), will present approaches for the 5 main objectives of Outdoor Environmental Education, will do activities based on the experiential cycle, and will encourage reflection on lessons learned and their applicability to developing own OEE programs.

The cost of the workshop is $95 thousand per participant, which includes registration, all meals, and lodging in bunk beds (bring your own sleeping bag). The course will start on October 30th with the welcoming of participants between 10-11 AM, and will end after lunch (curanto) on the first of November.

Interested people can download the program, registration form, participation details, and workshop poster at the end of this paragraph. Some partial scholarships are also available. For registration details and scholarships please contact Verónica Morán:

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Dr Carmen Ubeda will deliver the opening lecture at the I Colloquium on Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles at Katalapi Park

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The I Colloquium on Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles will take place on December 8-10 at Katalapi Park, X Region, Chile. This Colloquium is organized by Drs Marcela Vidal and Helen Díaz from Universidad del Bio Bio and Universidad de Concepción, respectively. The program will include lectures, round table discussions, and short scientific presentations. The Opening Lecture entitled (Conservation of Amphibians and Reptiles" will be delivered by Dr Carmen Ubeda, a prominent herpetologist from Argentina.

The deadline for presentation of abstracts is August 30 2010. The general program and instruccions for registration and abstract preparation are given in documents that can be downloaded in Spanish from this page (see below):
Circular Nº1 download pdf
Instrucciones para los participantes download pdf