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First Latin American Mycology Course will be on Wood Degrading Fungi

It will be held at Katalapi Park May 11-19th, 2016

The University of Concepción, in collaboration with Fungi Foundation, has decided to organize a series of Latin American graduate courses on mycology. The first will be on wood degrading fungi and will be held at Katalapi Park, on May 11-19th, 2016. The course will focus on basic aspects of fungi biology, wood degrading fungi systematics,  wood structure and chemistry, biochemical degradation of wood, field identification of wood degrading fungi, wood degradation biotechnology, fungi conservation, and field trips. The course is organized by Victor Hernandez and Luis J. Corcuera (Universidad de Concepción) and Giuliana Furci (Fungi Foundation) and will involve the following guest professors: Dr. Elisandro Drechsler-Santos (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil) Dr. Donald Pfister (Harvard University, USA), Dr. Mario Rachjenberg (National University of Patagonia, Argentina), Dr. José Becerra (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile), Dr. Götz Palfner (Universidad de Concepcion, Chile). The course is offered for graduate students and professionals of related fields. More information about the course and the brochure with instructions on how to apply can be downloaded below. You can also visit the website

Applications will be accepted until January 20, 2016

Contact Prof. Luis J. Corcuera in luis.corcuera@parquekatalapi.<wbr>cl

Telephone + 56-41-2203586; Mobile +56992490228.


Download course brochure

Download registration instructions

Download application form

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