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New International graduate course on Evolutionary Plant Ecophysiology will be offered in Katalapi Park, Chile on January 15-21, 2018

Application date extended until November 23 , 2017. The course includes training for using LI6800 and LI.6400XT by LI-COR specialists


The traditional graduate course on Plant Ecophysiology offered every Summer at Parque Katalapi, Región de Los Lagos, Chile, will be centered on the evolution of functional aspects in plants. On January 15-21. 2018, topics related with evolutionary ecophysiology of terrestrial plants will be presented and discussed: substrates anchorage, evolution of photoprotective mechanisms, leaves evolution, evolution of stomata regulation, and evolution of tolerance to diverse types of stress. The course is organized by Professors Jaume Flexas (Universidad de las Islas Baleares, España), Lohengrin Cavieres (Universidad de Concepción, Chile), Rafael Coopman (U. Austral de Chile), and Frida Piper (CIEP, Chile). In addition, the following invited scientists will participate in the course: Professors Marilyn Ball (Australian National University), Christian Körner (U. of Basel), Bruce Osborne (U. College Dublin), Alejandra Zuñiga (U. Austral de Chile), Angela Sierra (U. de Concepción), León A. Bravo (U.  de La Frontera), Beatriz Fernandez – Marin (U. del País Vasco), Jose Ignacio Garcia Plazaola (U. del País Vasco), and Susana Paula (U. Austral de Chile). This is an official course of the Graduate School of Universidad de Concepción. For this reason, students that get a passing grade could obtain a certificate from that university. This is a 5 credits course. The program includes lectures, field activities, seminars, and the formulation of a research project. The official language of the course is English for Professors and students. The registration cost is $210.000 Chilean pesos (1 US dollar is about 660 Chilean pesos) for students and $390.000 Chilean pesos for professionals.

Applicants must send the application form and Curriculum vitae to Carolina Hernández  ( before November 23, 2017.

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