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Bioacoustics of Birds: an entertaining theoretical-practical course for all

Katalapi Park 4-6 October 2018. Send your registration form soon

The Bird Bioacoustics course, which will be offered for the second time in Katalapi Park, from 4-6 October 2018, will once again be an entertaining theoretical and practical experience on one of the preferred methodologies for studying the presence and behavior of birds. The speakers of the course will be Heraldo Norambuena and Francisco Rivas of the Universidad de Concepción and ROC, respectively. During the course the vocal communication of the birds will be studied, recordings and interpretations of of bird songs and sonograms will be made. Practical activities include the nocturnal exploration of bird sounds, the use of bioacoustics equipment, analysis of bird songs, a census of nocturnal raptors, and other activities in the Katalapi forest. The course does not have the requirement of previous knowledge of Biology or Acoustics. The previous version was also enjoyed by biologists, musicians, educators and the general public. The course is in Spanish
Those interested should send their registration form to Luis Corcuera at The cost of the course is 135,000 pesos (about US$225). This fee includes food and lodging during the course. This and other information can be found in the material that can be downloaded below. Queries can be made to Luis Corcuera at the email address indicated above.


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