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Environmental Education

VIDEO: Environmental Education at Katalapi Park


We offer a beautiful natural setting, infrastructure, educational programs, and specialized human resources to promote and facilitate environmental education and conservation of the Chilean Temperate Rainforests. Our setting is ideal for activities in contact with nature, in conjunction with classroom lessons. Our classroom, lab, lodging and eating facilities are immersed in the native forest, crossed by kilometers of trails. Mature and second-growth forests, ponds, streams and grasslands constitute our living lab, research center, and entertainment center. We offer a variety of programs for the discovery and exploration of our native flora and fauna, seminars, courses, and workshops for students, the community, youth, and teachers. We have a team of educators and professional nature interpreters, who work both in the classroom and outdoors, with the students, teachers, and special-interest tourists who visit us. We also rent our facilities to other organizations or people for nature-related events.
In all our programs,we apply the rich theoretical framework  and varied models of Environmental Education, organizing learning into cycles of "Experiential Education", which start with the direct contact with nature and/or the environmental problem in focus, followed by activities and a thought process on the meaning, connections, alternatives, and applications of the experience. These activities encourage curiosity,  motivate, allow the sharing of knowledge and facts, the development of critical thinking and team work for problem-solving.

Parque Katalapi includes within its mission offering support for the achievement of the commitments for the Decade for Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014), coordinated by UNESCO, and included in our country´s National Policy for Education for Sustainable Development.

We invite you to visit our "Katalapi Productions" tab, within this same web site, where you will find fun audiovisual , mutimedia, digital resources  for environmental education.

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